Machine Learning

Interested in the field of Machine Learning? Then this course is for you!

This course has been designed by two professional Data Scientists so that we can share our knowledge and help you learn complex theory, algorithms and coding libraries in a simple way.

We will walk you step-by-step into the World of Machine Learning. With every tutorial you will develop new skills and improve your understanding of this challenging yet lucrative sub-field of Data Science.


Introduction to Machine Learning

Complexity: Easy

Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence (AI). The goal of machine learning generally is to understand the structure of data and fit that data into models that can be understood and utilized by people. Although machine learning is a field within computer science, it differs from traditional computational approaches. In traditional computing, algorithms […]

Machine Learning Tools

Complexity: Standard

Staying competitive with big data applications and business intelligence in almost any industry requires big data pipelines that can process and analyze massive amounts of data in real time. Machine learning solutions integrated with Microsoft Azure and Apache Spark accelerate the development, and ease the maintenance, of these systems, but many of those machine learning solutions are complicated in and of themselves. […]


Complexity: Standard

Linear Regression — Intro To Machine Learning Hi folks, last time I wrote about Classification and Regression, by now I expect you to be able to differentiate regression and classification problem. Today we are going to define a regression problem and apply Linear Regression Algorithm as out prediction model. What is Regression Problem? In regression problem the goal […]


Complexity: Hard

Train your first neural network: basic classification This guide trains a neural network model to classify images of clothing, like sneakers and shirts. It’s okay if you don’t understand all the details, this is a fast-paced overview of a complete TensorFlow program with the details explained as we go. This guide uses tf.keras, a high-level API […]