Executive Leadership

Do you want to become a more successful leader and develop habits that create a more positive outcome in your work and at home? If you are an entrepreneur, new to management, looking to change careers, feeling stuck at home or in your career, this course is for you!

The author in this course gives you the keys to the C suite: a look at executive leadership qualities that set the best apart from the rest. Discover the importance of knowing how to set a foundation and direction, create a compelling vision of the future for your company, motivate your staff to achieve, and much more. The course also looks at the importance of maintaining a mentality of service as you move up the org chart.

Learning objectives

  • The four disciplines of executive leadership
  • Thinking strategically
  • Creating shared purpose
  • Inspiring confidence—even under pressure
  • Motivating and communicating
  • Establishing priorities and focus
  • Leading change
  • Developing yourself